Work Smarter... Not Harder!

As I mentioned earlier, everyone starts out as a newbie. You're not alone.

Perhaps the greatest challenge for anyone starting to build an online business... or trying to earn a little extra money marketing on the internet... is to sort through all the overwhelming "how to" information and figure out exactly what to do.

How do you begin? What's the easiest way to get started?

These are natural questions we've all likely asked at some time. The problem is that the "easiest" way is not always the most productive or profitable way.

Do you want easy methods... or would you rather use proven methods that actually work? Newbies do easy stuff. Experts do what it takes to get the job done.

But I want to emphasize... expert methods are not difficult.

Nothing about successful internet marketing is difficult. It's just a matter of having all the pieces of the puzzle and knowing where to put them!

Before we get into the details of the "expert" marketing model, let's examine the most common method used by beginners to make money: Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is easy, right? You don't need your own product, website, or autoresponder. Just send traffic to a 3rd party affiliate page.

Take a look at this flow chart...

The "Newbie" Affiliate Marketing Method

Easy? Sure it is.

Profitable? Not usually. Not unless you can get a ton of visitors for free who will actually look at your affiliate offer and buy it via your link.

Smart? Well, I don't want to say it's stupid... but you can work much smarter.

Look at what happens with the same amount of work when you apply the "expert" marketing model...

The "Expert" Marketing Model

Study this "expert" model carefully until it sinks in.

It's the EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF WORK as the "newbie" method!

With the "newbie" method you only have one shot at getting a sale, and you only get a portion of each sale. To top it off you usually have to wait to get paid.

But with the "expert" model you have the option of selling your own product and keeping 100% of the proceeds... and no waiting to get paid.

(That one change alone can double your profits.)

With the "expert" marketing model you have also far more opportunities to make the much wanted sale. Same amount of traffic... repeat visitors... more sales.

Since you're building a list of subscribers (business leads), you don't have to work hard to send traffic to any website in the future. Just send an email to your list!

Make sense?

Most successful marketers use some variation of the expert model, above. And all of them have the necessary tools for the job.

To do any job correctly you must have the right tools. The "tools of the trade" used by successful marketers are a website hosting service and an autoresponder.

This may go without saying, but I'll say it anyway...

 Without a website you are stuck in the 'Newbie Trap' of driving traffic to a replicated affiliate page, hoping for a random buyer and keeping only a small part of the sale.
 Without a website you do not control the point-of-sale and you simply do not have your own online business. You will forever be promoting someone else's business!
 With your own website you have full control over your sales funnel. You control the free offers. You control your "One Time Offer" to monetize the process. You can sell your own products keeping all the profits.

Your website... your business... your profits!

Your business becomes totally automated by your autoresponder, which puts your marketing, sales, and profits on complete autopilot!

Want to make affiliate sales or build a network referral business? No problem. You are in the driver's seat and can promote any business you want on your website or to your list of prospects.

Here's the crazy thing about it...

Since both methods involve the exact same amount of work, the expert system is just as easy as the newbie method!

Wait! (That's not precisely correct.)

Using an expert marketing funnel system is actually easier if you think in terms of profitability, or how much you earn for your effort. If you can make as much profit in one day with the "expert" method as it took you to earn in a week (or a month) otherwise, then you would certainly agree the expert method is much easier...

As long as you know how to do it!

The only remaining challenge is to properly integrate the puzzle pieces into an automated lead-generating, sales-making profit machine.

That's where the Newbie Breakthru system shines!

This system is easy enough for Newbies to quickly implement. But, no... You will not remain a Newbie when you use this system.

You'll be building a list of leads and growing your business like a Pro!

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