Your Free Newbie Breakthru Bonuses!

I'm going to skip past the usual "mumbo jumbo" that tries to convince you to buy something. In fact, I'm not going to try to convince you of anything at all!

Instead, I'm just going to come right out and tell you what this is...

Newbie Breakthru is a "done for you" system that helps beginners get set up with their own website and autoresponder as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Pretty straight-forward, right?

Think of Newbie Breakthu as a franchise. You own the website and you own the business. You are the one "driving the bus" so to speak.

With the Newbie Breakthru System, you STOP being a newbie. You become the expert. You become the hunter rather than the hunted!

Your own free offers. Your own prospecting list. Your own products to monetize the lead generation process... and you can keep 100% of the sales, which go straight into the payment processor of your choice.

To truly succeed in any online business, even as an affiliate marketer, you must have complete control over your sales funnel. From free offers, to lead capture pages, to opt-in forms, to landing pages, to one-time offers, to followup email campaigns, to back-end sales and profits...

Newbie Breakthru has you covered!

Newbie Breakthru provides complete done-for-you "guru style" marketing and sales funnels ready to install on your website so YOU can control your own destiny and finally break free of the newbie affiliate marketing trap!

You will have your own franchise-style business that puts you in the driver's seat.

You'll be building your own email prospecting list and generating leads to promote affiliate products, network marketing, your own products... anything you choose!

Let's take a close look at all the free bonuses you get with your Newbie Breakthru system, starting with...

Free Bonus #1

Email List Profit Funnels

(Value: $37)

Click the eCover to read it now, or
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to download to your computer.

This ebook contains 30+ pages of rock-solid content to go with the "Expert Marketing Model" we just looked at on the previous page.

Your step-by-step guide covers the basics of using free offers to get hot prospects and turn them into customers on autopilot!

Free Bonus #2

Rebranding Rights!

(Value: $27)

Embed your affiliate links in Email List Profit Funnels and every time someone purchases one of the programs from your links in the ebook... YOU get paid!

Giving away free valuable ebooks and other resources is a great way to build a list of leads... but including your own affiliate links in your "freebies" is priceless. It is one of the very best ways that experts get referrals and make sales. Now it's your turn!

Offer this ebook as an incentive to get new prospects... add it as a bonus on your other download pages... or put it on your website as a way of saying thanks for visiting. The possibilities are unlimited.

You would normally have to pay to get branding rights to an ebook of this quality. As one of my subscribers, you get branding rights at absolutely no cost to you!

Click Here for Your FREE Branding Kit

Free Bonus #3

Turn-key Lead Capture System!

(Value: $27)

As demonstrated in the Email List Profit Funnels report and here on my Newbie Breakthru website, building your own list of leads is what will set you apart from all the "newbies" out there who are just blindly promoting affiliate links.

To get you started generating leads as quickly as possible, you are receiving a complete turn-key lead capture system to give away your newly branded ebook!

Your Squeeze Kit includes a professionally designed opt-in page, plus 'thank you' and download pages... and even a bonus set of pre-written emails you can load right into your autoresponder!

Click Here for Your FREE Squeeze Kit

You Are Beginning To Break Through!

With the 3 free bonuses above, you now have your very own "funnel system" to generate a list of prospects and turn them into customers on autopilot. You are moving away from "newbie" status and on your way to being a highly-profitable online business owner!

But we're not done yet...

Free Bonus #4

Exclusive "Gold Mine" Profit Plug-In!


Your Newbie Breakthru System comes with a high-conversion affiliate sales page to "monetize" your list-building and lead generation right up front in your prospecting funnel.

When you monetize your prospecting funnel on the front-end, you are getting paid to generate leads for your business. It's all explained in the letter (see link below).

This affiliate program is limited to friends of Newbie Breakthru, which means you won't have to compete with hundreds of gurus promoting this same offer.

You earn 50% commissions on this high-conversion, heavily discounted offer. Optionally, you can purchase the Special Offer and keep 100% of the sales when your prospects purchase this amazing "Gold Mine" package directly from you!

Get your Instant Profit plug-in here...

instant profits

Click Here for Full Details

Free Bonus #5

Newbie Breakthru "Business-In-A-Box"

(Value: $97)

Your FREE Newbie Breakthru system is a complete done-for-you marketing and sales funnel ready to install on your web host so YOU can control your own destiny and finally break free of the newbie affiliate marketing trap!

You're looking at the "core" of the system right now!

It's all yours for the taking. Multiple squeeze pages, confirmation pages, follow-up email letters... plus all the training pages in your own "membership-style" website!

Download your FREE Newbie Breakthru "business-in-a-box" in your Success Guide on the very next page...

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