Are You Ready For Success?

Getting Started can be difficult with so many new skills to learn like...

 Building a list to generate leads
 Finding products to give away or sell for profit
 Writing persuasive sales letters and emails
 Constructing a properly functioning website
 Combining all the above into a profitable sales funnel

With your Newbie Breakthru System, this is ALL DONE FOR YOU!

It's one thing to have to figure out how to find a product to promote, how to set up lead capture opt-in forms, how to write emails, how to to pre-sell your prospects, how to build a web page...

But you don't have to figure any of this out with your Newbie Breakthru system because it's already done for you. Just download everything, upload to your site, and you're ready to go!

If you need help setting up your website pages, the creators of this system are even available to help!

No more frustration, no more banging your head against your computer dealing with technical issues... just turn the key in the ignition and enjoy the ride!

Show Me The Money!

We have already seen the "Expert" marketing model (on the Automated Sales page) which illustrates how to properly monetize a website on complete autopilot. Your Newbie Breakthru system is an implementation of this model with certain fixed revenue streams that practically force you to profit!

Anyone who wants to take their marketing to the next level with a profitable monetized funnel must have an autoresponder and a website. Frankly, it's just a cost of doing business on the internet.

With your own Newbie Breathru website... YOU are the one making sales of these tools you already need and use anyway. Your small costs for an autoresponder and web hosting self-liquidate by sharing this system with others.

You are essentially getting paid in affiliate commissions from these service providers just for giving away this free system!

And it's all done on autopilot. Use this system to generate leads and your leads will find your Newbie Breakthru website. They will want to copy your success, and they will follow you with this system.

I like to call it "Follow The Leader" but you may have heard it by other names, like Attraction Marketing or Target Marketing. Whatever you call it...

Leading by example works!

Get your autoresponder and web hosting service. Then plug into the Newbie Breakthru System and let it turn your autoresponder into an automated money machine that puts profits in your pocket while building your business.

Let me show you just a couple of ways this system puts easy, extreme profits directly into your pocket while building residual income for you automatically... without even thinking about it!

1. Your Exclusive Profit Plug-In

As you build your prospect list you are automatically promoting the Special Offer "Gold Mine" package and earning 50% commissions on the high-conversion offer... or keeping 100% if you purchased the amazing package to sell as your own.

This awesome package contains a huge amount of high-demand training products at a heavily-discounted price of only $37. So you will be earning anywhere from $18.50 to the full $37 per sale, depending on whether you offer the package as an affiliate or as the product owner.

And since it is all set up to be automatically promoted to your new prospects, you will be getting paid right up front in your prospecting funnel!

This extremely profitable strategy is what all top earners use to create instant profits like crazy in their online business.

2. Hosting Services

Your Newbie Breakthru system is set up to promote the HostGator web hosting service automatically for you just by using the system!

It's one of the easiest affiliate programs to earn with because anyone who wants to have an online business MUST have a website of their own. Web hosting is also a critical requirement if you want to host your own lead capture pages, sales pages, and profitable marketing funnels.

Professional web hosting with HostGator is less than $10 per month... yet you will earn $50 and more per individual sale. You do not even need to be a HostGator customer to earn these commissions!

3. Autoresponder Services

You must have an autoresponder to automate your online business, and so does anyone else in this "Internet Marketing" niche. You may as well be the one to share this essential tool with your prospects... show them how to market like a pro... and reap the rewards for yourself.

Why do you think so many "gurus" sell autoresponder services? One reason...

It's profitable!

Your system is designed to create growing residual income through sales of the TrafficWave autoresponder system. You earn 100% commissions ($17.95) on the first month subscription for each direct referral, plus recurring income through a PayPal-Approved multi-level pay plan!

If you do not have a TrafficWave autoreponder account, you can get started with the service on a FREE 30 day trial... but you'll want to become a paid user quickly in order to earn the 100% Fast Track Bonus commissions.

Click Here to Review the TrafficWave Compensation Plan

End your frustrations and get started with the Newbie Breakthru system today!

The only things you need are an autoresponder and a web hosting account. You need them anyway, because without them you will forever be at the mercy of the affiliate programs you try to promote... and stuck in the Newbie Trap!

Get out of the Newbie Trap now...

Build Your Business Like a Pro
In 3 Easy Steps

(And Stop Looking Like Such a Newbie!)

Step 1

Get your Domain Name and Web Hosting if you don't have one.


Step 2

Get your TrafficWave autoresponder if you don't have one.

Email Marketing

Step 3

Get your Newbie Breakthru "Business-In-A-Box"

Newbie Breakthrough

The "business-in-a-box" package that you download in Step 3 above contains all the files that you need to upload to your website, plus capture pages already configured to use with your TrafficWave autoresponder, plus instructions on how to quickly set up your new pages.

Don't forget... if you need help with any aspect of setting up your Newbie Breakthru website, the creator of the system is available to assist you. Information about the Setup and Installation service is available when you download your package.

Enjoy your new website. I love mine, and I'm certain you'll love yours, too!

Wishing You the Greatest Success,

Stephanie Ledoux
Proud Business Owner

PS. With all these pages built for you, plus additional help if you need it... there is no excuse for remaining a "newbie" and not having your own profitable website!

PPS. Your website is 100% free. The only requirements are a web hosting account and an autoresponder. Please see the FAQ page for further details.

Don't put this off. Get your free ready-made business now!

"Take Your Internet Marketing To The Next Level"

Material Connection

FTC regulations require us to disclose any "material connection" with affiliate sites. The owner or user of this Newbie Breakthru website is, or is very likely, an authorized affiliate of TrafficWave and HostGator. If you purchase from either of these affiliate sites, the authorized affiliate will be compenstated.

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